Evansville Zoo Welcomes Newborn African Porcupine

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP): The Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden in Evansville is celebrating the birth of an African porcupine that's the newest addition to the zoo's menagerie.

The female African Crested porcupine named Kibibi was born April 7. She joined her parents in the zoo's Children's Enchanted Forest exhibit a few days ago.

Zoo spokeswoman Abigail Adler tells the Evansville Courier & Press the porcupine's parents have been very protective of Kibibi, but also playful with the prickly newborn.

Adler says Kibibi is believed to be the first offspring of the zoo's female African Crested porcupine and the new mom is doing well. The zoo has had the porcupine parents since 2013.

Adler says the porcupines live on a plant-based diet, dining on roots, bulbs and crops and occasionally insects