Ethics Complaint Against Sheriff Dismissed

The Allen County Ethics Commission on Friday dismissed a complaint filed against Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries in the wake of a controversial traffic stop involving a county councilman.The commission voted unanimously 3-0 to dismiss the complaint against Fries because he is bound by another code of ethics set by the Indiana Sheriff’s Association.

Per law, that makes him exempt from the county’s ethics ordinance, said ethics commission member Thomas Hardin, a local attorney.

The complaint, filed by a local citizen against both Fries and Allen County Councilman Paul Moss, stems from a traffic stop involving Moss during the early morning hours of June 2.

During that stop, Moss refused to take a portable breath test and then called Fries via cell phone. Fries talked to an officer at the scene and Moss was then allowed to find a ride home.

The complaint against Moss still stands, Hardin said, and the ethics commission has sent questions to officers who were involved with the traffic stop.

Responses to those questions are due Oct. 9, and the commission is expected to meet Oct. 29.

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