EPA Adds Three Indiana Sites Superfund Priorities List

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The federal Environmental Protection Agency has added sites in South Bend, Indianapolis and Garden City to its national priorities list of Superfund sites.
The EPA says being placed on the list doesn't obligate it to pay for the cleanup, but does identify the size and nature of the cleanup challenges.
Nine sites were added to the list overall. Those in Indiana are:
* Beck's Lake, a former automotive and hazardous waste dump in South Bend containing asbestos, oils and other wastes. 
* Keystone Corridor ground water plume in Indianapolis, which consists of chlorinated solvents from multiple possible sources. 
* A water plume in Garden City, a mile south of Columbus, where drinking-water wells have shown intermittent trichloroethene contamination since 1990. The EPA has said the source is not known.