Endangered Tiger Cub Unveiled at Indy Zoo

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): The Indianapolis zoo‘s new tiger cub can be seen by the public if you catch her at the right time.

Zoya is an Amur tiger, a species native to Russia and northern Asia, and are perhaps best know to the public as Siberian tigers. She was born in July and now weighs about 45 pounds. Carla Knapp at the zoo says you might see Zoya outside at the tiger display, but says that‘s largely up to Zoya. “It‘s dependent on the weather and how she is doing day to day,” said Carla Knapp, spokeswoman for the Zoo. “As with all of animals, Zoya will have the opportunity to go outside if she chooses, and she will have the opportunity to come inside if she chooses.”

The was born in July and is growing quickly. “She is between 45 and 50 pounds our keepers are estimating, but she still has a lot of growing to do – her mother is about 250 pounds,” said Knapp.

Zoya is the fourth Amur tiger at the zoo, joining her mother Andrea, her father Petya and Cila, who was born at the Indy Zoo 11 years ago. Amur Tigers are endangered – fewer than 500 of the animals are believed to be alive in the wild.