In Elkhart, Obama to take “victory lap” animated by 2016 race

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WASHINGTON (AP): Seven years ago, newly-elected President Barack Obama came to a blighted stretch of northern Indiana and predicted a tough but certain recovery, if the country embraced his approach to rejuvenating the economy.

He returns today, seeking credit for having lifted the U.S. out of the doldrums with policies Democrats are now rallying behind as they work to elect his replacement.

In Elkhart, Obama will encounter a community whose experience during his presidency has mirrored the country’s broader economic revival: uneven and bumpy, with both winners and losers. He’ll be speaking at Concord High School and holding a town hall meeting at the Lerner Theatre.

Arguing that his controversial $840 billion stimulus package was ultimately vindicated, Obama will call on the next president to be willing to spend big to enable further economic growth.


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