Eight families displaced after Tamara Garden Apartment fire

Photo Supplied/Heather Starr

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Fort Wayne residents are claiming their apartment managers are not helping them find a place to live according to our partners in news at ABC 21.   Eight families were forced out of their apartments after Friday’s fire at Tamara Garden Apartments.  “It doesn’t seem like they care” says seven year resident, Kent Ferguson.  The Red Cross provided vouchers to the displaced residents for a two night hotel stay, but they have had to continuously try finding places to stay since then.  People have given them food, but some of them are riding around in their cars and have to keep the food in them for lack of a place to keep it.

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The apartment complex is taking names off of the waiting list for vacant apartments, but the displaced residents indicate they are not helping them at all.  A resident, Betty Tucker says, “I guess they like taking care of them but what they should be doing is trying to take care of us. You know, I’ve been here going on 14 years in that very same apartment. I haven’t been late with my rent or anything. ”  They state that the property has vacant units and can’t understand why they can’t move into them.  Ferguson adds, “It hurts because I thought that the company was more reputable than that. And right now it just seems like they just don’t care. I understand that they’re taking a loss too, but you’ve got people around you taking a bigger loss.”

Tamara Garden Apartments state all of their vacant units are all spoken for and that it is also illegal to move the displaced residents to the top of the list.  The apartment complex  also says they working with other apartment communities in town trying to find a place for the displaced families.



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