Dr. Janis Orlowski answers COVID vaccine questions


  1. Pat Miller,
    We’ve learned to question the government and the media in the past as they have “fudged” the truth, if not out-and-out lied about many issues. Recently they have silenced dissenting opinions on many topics. Skepticism is always healthy, and especially in the times in which we find ourselves today. You have always encouraged your audience not to take your word for anything, but to do our own research. My wife and I have been doing our research on the pandemic, the response to the pandemic, and particularly regarding the current urgency to vaccinate the entire world population against SARS CoV2.
    My wife has a BS in Biology and worked in a Virology Laboratory for four years. She was responsible for diagnosing viral illnesses from tissue and fluid samples. She used fluorescent antibody testing and electron microscopy in her position. Some of her electron micrographs have been published in conjunction with research papers. She is currently an in-patient medical coder, a position she’s held for nearly 25 years. Her job requires an intimate knowledge of a wide range of medical conditions and the treatments patients receive to treat them. Her educational and occupational background provides her with a good foundation from which to base educated opinions regarding topics associated with the pandemic and the ensuing response from government and the medical community.
    A discussion of the events surrounding the pandemic and the response to it would span many pages. Suffice it to say we believe the pandemic situation is suspect and the government’s response to it has not been proportionate to the actual risk. Instead of burdening you with the ten thousand foot view of the entire situation, I will focus my comments on the topic of the vaccine. I understand that your health situation places you in a vulnerable position and that your doctor had good reason to insist you get vaccinated. No argument from me! But does it make sense that EVERYONE needs to get vaccinated? Those who had COVID-19 and recovered should have natural immunity. Why are we wasting a limited supply of vaccine on them? A positive antibody test for SARS CoV2 should be good enough to eliminate their need for vaccination. Young healthy people are at very low risk of serious illness. Why the urgency to vaccinate them? I know why, because of the DEADLY VARIANTS! But they vary genetically by only about 0.3% from the original SARS CoV2 virus; not enough for them to escape immunity from the vaccinated population. Viruses tend to mutate. That’s what viruses do. New variants are nearly always less virulent than the original strain. It’s very doubtful they pose a serious risk to young healthy individuals.
    We found some questionable statements in Dr. Orlowski’s interview. First off, she talked as if messenger RNA was old hat in vaccine technology. The truth is m-RNA technology has never been approved for use in any human vaccine. In fact, there has never been a vaccine for any corona virus approved for humans, including the current vaccines which we are putting in the arms of millions of people world-wide. They are “Authorized for Emergency Use”, but have not been FDA Approved. They skipped animal testing and consolidated Phase 1 and Phase 2 testing to save time. Phase three testing has yet to be completed. Previous attempts at producing vaccines for other types of corona viruses failed during animal testing because when the vaccinated animals were exposed to the live virus many displayed an “enhanced immune response” often resulting in the animal’s death. This is very similar to the Cytokine Storm you may have heard of which caused the demise of many COVID-19 victims. Also, Dr. Orlowski claimed there were NO deaths reported from the vaccines. According to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) there have been over 2,500 deaths reported following SARS CoV2 vaccination. I understand that it’s very difficult to attribute these deaths to a vaccine reaction, but if we counted deaths from the vaccine like we count deaths from (or with?) COVID-19 they would all be tallied! Your claim that the few deaths which may have been reported from adverse vaccine reactions were elderly individuals who were likely on death’s door is also incorrect. We are aware of several reported fatalities of people in the prime of their lives which occurred within days of receiving the vaccine.
    But unintended adverse reaction to receiving the unapproved experimental biological agent (aka “The Vaccine”) isn’t my main concern. Below is a link to an article by Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer. He’s an expert in the field who is blowing the whistle on what he perceives to be a potential conspiracy. Yes, his claims are very disturbing. It’s difficult for people of good will to conceive of such an evil plot. But evil exists. It has manifested itself in Stalin’s Russia, in Hitler’s concentration camps, in Mao’s China, and in the killing fields of Cambodia. Those events occurred in the fairly recent past. The potential plot Dr. Yeadon fears is only different in terms of scale. The dominos are almost set up. Soon they may begin to tumble. I only ask that you read and consider the article. We live in a time where right is called wrong and wrong is called right. If the media is consistently misrepresenting the truth, why should we believe them when they are practically pleading for everyone to get the vaccine? Vaccine Passports are coming. Those who don’t comply will be discriminated against. They will be treated like second-class citizens; pariahs. They won’t be allowed to participate in society or to participate in commerce once the financial system goes digital. Great Reset? New World Order? Global Governance? Conspiracy Theory? Maybe. What if it’s not?
    I challenge you to do your homework! I’d love for you to interview Dr. Yeadon on your show to provide both sides of the story.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Jeff Swackhamer


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