Dr. Green to Receive $196K in Severance

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (www.incnow.tv) – Dr. Karyle Green is on the outs as superintendent of East Allen County Schools, but not before a big payout.

In an agreement signed by three EACS Board members Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Green will receive $196,125.87 in severance. EACS Board President Neil Reynolds says the amount is based on how long she’s honored her contract. EACS hired Dr. Green in 2009 and her contract was scheduled to end on June 30, 2014. Green announced her resignation Monday.

“Let me just say I’m ready to move forward with new leadership,” said Reynolds. “I think that’s in the best interest of our students, best interest of our staff, and the best interest of our community. She has resigned, let’s get on with it. Let’s get some new leadership in place that we all can rally around and get behind, and develop a new relationship.”

A district-wide environmental audit released in May showed that parents, employees, tax payers and constituents in EACS district were not happy with way the district was being run nor were they satisfied with the district’s leadership.

“She was hired to look at a redesign of the corporation with our facilities. The redesign is now behind us. Perhaps she feels her work here is finished,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds also didn’t shy away when asked if the feeling was mutual saying the board agreed to accept her resignation 5:2. Despite the eagerness of the Board, there’s been some negative reaction from the community regarding the amount of money, given the district’s history of past funding problems.

“Anytime you run into something like this, there’s going to be some criticism, and we knew that going in. It’s kind of a deal where you pick your poison. You know, either we move forward with new leadership now where it’s going to cost us a little bit of money, or we hang on,” he said.

Reynolds says the board will hold a meeting next Tuesday to discuss hiring an Interim Superintendent. They plan hold a series of public meetings to gain feedback on what they’re looking for in a replacement. It will be a three to four month process, but Reynolds says he hopes to have an Interim Superintendent in place by July 1, 2013.