Donnelly to vote ‘no’ on Kavanaugh

(Photo Supplied/Joe Donnelly)

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly says he’ll vote against the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Donnelly is a moderate Democrat who voted for President Donald Trump’s first nominee to the high court, Neil Gorsuch.

Donnelly is up for re-election this year in Indiana, which is a strongly Republican state.

His decision comes after a hearing Thursday when a California professor testified that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school when they were teenagers. Kavanaugh also testified and denied Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations.

Donnelly says Ford’s allegations are “disturbing and credible” and should be investigated by the FBI, which Trump and Senate Republicans say isn’t needed.


  1. Allegations with no factual evidence in any way…Of course Donnelly doesn’t believe “Innocent till proven guilty”…he’s a Democrat. He voted for Gorsuch when his vote didn’t effectively count, so what did Donnelly ever do for Indiana?

  2. Well, I guess I’ll be voting for his opponent now. I generally vote Republican, but I intended to vote for Joe Donnelly this election. One lost vote for him and hopefully others choose to do the same. What a coward Joe Donnelly is.

  3. Don’t describe Donnelly as a moderate Democrat – he’s not!!!!!! He’s as partisan as the rest of the Democrats. So get your facts straight. HE’S NOT A MODERATE – HE’S A LEFTIST DEMOCRAT!


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