Donnelly getting pushback for support of Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch

(Photo Supplied/Senator Joe Donnelly)

WASHINGTON (WOWO): One Indiana Senator is getting some pushback from his supporters after announcing his support for President Trump’s pick for the US Supreme Court.

Joe Donnelly is a Democrat, but he announced Sunday he will be voting for Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant seat on the Court, joining a small nubmer of Democrats supporting Gorsuch.

Donnelly made the announcement on Facebook, saying that he reviewed Gorsuch’s record and believes he’ll base his decisions on “his understanding of the law,” while at the same time criticizing Senate Republicans for blocking Obama nominee Merrick Garland last year.

Donnelly’s stance is proving unpopular with his supporters, with many comments on his Facebook post citing their disappointment, and some calling Donnelly a “traitor.”

A showdown on Gorsuch is expected this week in Washington.


  1. He is only doing this because the demoRats don’t need his help and he is up for reelection. The trash in Indiana better pull their heads out and vote this bum out.


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