DNR Warns Not To Dump Trees In Lakes

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Indiana DNR officers warn that disposing Christmas trees in a lake is not a good idea and could result in a fine.

Brian Schoenung, chief fisheries biologist for the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife say that some people have the intention of creating a fish habitat by throwing trees on a frozen pond, but it doesn't necessarily grow more fish.

He says better options include taking the tree to a designated Christmas tree recycling site, tossing it in the backyard to provide shelter for wintering birds or other wildlife, running it through a wood chipper to create your own mulch, or chopping it up for firewood.

Discarding a Christmas tree on a public freshwater lake is governed by the Lake Preservation Act and Indiana Administrative Code, and requires a proper license form the DNR if the intention is to construct a fish habitat. If approved, the permit carries a $100 fee and requires the permit holder to remove any portion or portions of the fish attraction that become unattached.