DNR Monitoring Crappie Kill At Loon Lake

(Photo Supplied/ Department of Natural Resources)

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. (AP) — State Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologists have collected fish and water samples at a northeastern Indiana lake as the result of a fish kill involving thousands of crappies, the agency said Thursday.

The fish kill began earlier this week at Loon Lake in Whitley and Noble counties.

Samples were provided Wednesday to the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at Purdue University for testing regarding a cause, the agency said. Results are not expected for weeks.

Because no significant numbers of other dead small fish species have been observed, the cause is not believed to be the result of a toxic event such as a chemical spill or release, the agency said.

Biologists will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks, it said.


    • You may not use a Salt Lick for baiting deer. That is a conflict with the regulations of the Indiana DNR.

      You may, however, use a Salt Lick for observing deer; creating a resting place for the fun loving, traffic darting, critters. It is quite natural for deer to enjoy the Salt, or Mineral, Block without disturbing nature.. much.
      I would personally think that it’d go rather nice up against the Pepper Block, if you can find them.

      That being said…should you decide to turn take a darker turn with this, transforming this so-called “Sanctuary” into an Old Kindersley Corral slaying ground, you’d have to remove all baiting from this area 10 days prior.

      I, myself, find this practice to be a little deceitful, though it is completely legal in the state of Indiana.

      BUT! ..i think i see where you’re going with this!!
      …i hear the concern in your question, based on this new article.

      You, are rightly worried that if people place said Blocks out, by a water trail… what if the fish crawl out and give it a Tootsie Pop go..?
      I agree, they’d almost surely suffocate. This is bad practice, so, I too wouldn’t suggest placing the block too close to water for this to occur.
      You would need to make it more convenient by placing it directly in the water.

      Baiting salt-water fish can be a tricky task, but with the right support from the WOWO listeners, i am sure we can definitely help you out.


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