“Deserved” perk continues to haunt Gregg on campaign trail

INDIANAPOLIS (Network Indiana): Should taxpayers still be funding John Gregg’s health insurance?

Gregg’s campaign for governor says the Democrat has never hidden the fact that he continues to receive state-funded health insurance 14 years after leaving the legislature.

Gregg’s spokesman Jeff Harris told the Journal-Gazette the program to provide health insurance benefits for life for retired lawmakers was approved on a bipartisan basis by the General Assembly while Gregg was speaker – Republicans controlled the state Senate at the time. Harris says Gregg enrolled in the program when he left the House in 2002 and has paid premiums to be part of it ever since.

After Republicans took control of the House, Speaker Brian Bosma ended the insurance program for new lawmakers in 2006. IndyPolitics.org reports that taxpayers have paid more than $200,000 for coverage for Gregg and his family since he enrolled in the insurance plan.


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