Dems criticize Holcomb’s rhetoric on GOP health care repeal

(Photo Supplied / Holcomb for Governor)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ Democrats in the Indiana Legislature are criticizing Gov. Eric Holcomb, suggesting he was not forthcoming about the potential impact of Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Legislation to repeal former President Barack Obama’s signature law appears to be dead, at least for now. The latest effort was voted down by Democrats and three Republican Senators early Friday.

But Indianapolis Rep. Greg Porter has joined other Democrats in criticizing the Republican governor for ducking questions about the impact various proposals would have had on the state. Many of the proposals would have slashed Medicaid spending, which the state relies on to fund the HIP 2.0 program for low-income people.

Holcomb justified his reluctance to address the matter, noting that key details in Republican plan were in flux.


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