Democrat gains GOP backer in Indiana attorney general race

(Photo supplied/Yorktown Community Schools)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Indiana’s Republican state schools superintendent is crossing party lines again to endorse the Democratic state attorney general candidate.

Democrat Jonathan Weinzapfel announced the endorsement Thursday from schools Superintendent Jennifer McCormick. She says Weinzapfel “has a well-earned reputation for bipartisan problem-solving.”

The former Evansville mayor is running against Republican former U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita. The state Republican Party said McCormick’s endorsement of Weinzapfel wasn’t surprising after she supported a Democratic state senator’s unsuccessful bid for governor.

The GOP adds “Todd Rokita is far-and-away the best candidate in this race to defend our constitutional rights.”


  1. “crossing party lines AGAIN to endorse the Democratic…candidate” Is a clear indication that she is NOT a Republican as claimed. Anyone who can make that “Republican” claim with a straight face is a cancer within the party.

    Superintendent Jennifer McCormick needs replaced immediately as she is a wolf in sheep skin and should not have anything to do with our children!

  2. How come she calls/presents herself as a Republican, but only votes for dems? She’s not a Republican nor is she a conservative. As far as the school systems and the messed up curriculum, if she takes credit for that, she SHOULD be a dem.


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