Defense: Other man killed ex-trooper Camm’s family….

LEBANON, Ind. (AP) _ An attorney for former Indiana State Police trooper David Camm says the state concluded wrongly three days after Camm's wife and two young children were slain that he committed the crimes and investigators initially missed that another man had killed them.

Defense attorney Stacy Uliana argued in her closing statement Tuesday in Camm's third murder trial that Charles Boney alone committed the crimes in 2000 while Camm played basketball with 11 other men. She says none of the 11 could testify they saw Camm leave the game.
Prosecutor Todd Meyer earlier told jurors they must “connect the dots'' from evidence they've heard to convict Camm.

It's not clear when the jury will get the case. Camm's two prior convictions were thrown out on appeal.