Deal struck over seized silver in eastern Indiana

"10 oz silver bars" by Brian Shamblen, some rights reserved

MUNCIE, Ind. (AP): Over a year after authorities searched a property in eastern Indiana and seized more than 450 silver bars, those assets have been liquidated, and the resulting cash has been divided.

In 2015 authorities found the silver while searching James Reynolds’ property in Muncie for human remains. Delaware County filed a forfeiture lawsuit last May seeking ownership of the bars.

The Star Press reports the deal gives Reynolds’ relatives who now own the land almost $14,500, and almost $49,000 was placed in a trust fund for their children.

The prosecutor’s office and the Muncie Police Department each received almost $94,000. The money will be used for officer training, victim assistance and office equipment.

Court documents show that Reynolds, who died in Panama in 2012, was suspected of operating a marijuana distribution empire.


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