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  1. 2.24.22

    Good Morning.

    On Monday, February 21st, the skies above Fort Wayne, Indiana were pristine blue. A gorgeous Indiana day.

    At 9 a.m., I saw 4 high altitude airplanes leaving a trail of white in the sky. Jet planes engines do not leave an exhaust trail. The trail was not condensation or water vaper. That’s not how jet engines work.

    3 hours later, those same trails had spread out across the sky and made the sky hazy.
    Something is not right with that.

    Could you please investigate this? I found some insights about the planes during the first 5 minutes of the documentary THE DIMMING. Featured speakers/presenters include:
    -Dane Wigington: lead researcher at GeoengineeringWatch.org
    -Allan Buckmann: USAF Weather observer, CA Dept. of Fish and Game Biologist
    -Charles Jones: USAF Brigadier General (ret) Former Tactical Weather Recon pilot
    -Catherine Austin Fitts: former US Presidential cabinet member for George H.W. Bush
    -Bill Vander Zalm: former Premier of British Columbia

    Please take some time and watch a little of the documentary…and please get back with me?

    Thank you,

    Brian P. Doepke
    8014 Acorn Hill Cove
    Fort Wayne, IN 46804


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