Creatism: Shame on Facebook

Welcome to episode 14 of Creatism, the talk show about content and the digital stories that affect how you create on the internet.

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In this episode:

** Facebook inflated video metrics by up to 80%
** Excited about the new BlackBerry phone?  Don’t be… sadly.
** Slate turns 20.  What have they learned?
** What are the best times to post a YouTube video?  Some insights…

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  1. I can tell you one reason you are seeing low iTunes podcast usage. All the Wowo podcast a radio clips are bundled in the same channel. All that clutter makes it difficult to figure out which podcast is whose. All you can see is the title, so it’s hard to guess if you are going to hear pat Miller, Kaylee, you or the comics guys. You got to separate the Wowo podcast into separate channles.


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