Cracking Down on Caviar

INDIANA, Ind. (WOWO): Several caviar fishermen have been cited for multiple offenses after officers have been increasing their domestic caviar regulations. 

Since the beginning of the Wabash River shovelnose sturgeon season, officers not only in Indiana, but also in Illinois have upped their enforcement efforts.

Shovelnose sturgeons are fish sought after for their eggs. 13 people from the two states have been arrested, cited, or warned for commercial fishing violations in the past year. The violations include:<span class=”apple-converted-space”> 

• Unlawful use of a gill net (6 counts) 
• Failure to tag commercial fishing equipment (7 counts) 
• Unlawful use of leads on commercial device (2 counts) 
• Unlawful possession of sturgeon under 25” (4 counts) 
• Fishing with an illegal device (wire trap) (2 counts) 
• Fishing without a license (3 counts) 
• Checking sturgeon for presence of eggs with an illegal device (2 counts) 

“Since we share the fisheries resources with the people of the State of Illinois, it only makes sense to ensure that our regulations and enforcement efforts remain similar,” says Master Officer Steve Kinne, a commercial fishing investigator for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. “At least 25 additional violations are being investigated for prosecution, involving several other individuals from both states.” 

Craig Jansen Biologist with the Indiana DNR, says that the Wabash River's population of the fish is one of the last in the world that is commercially exploited.

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