Counties in Central Indiana Address Jail Overcrowding

ANDERSON, Ind. (AP) _ Three central Indiana counties have been working over the past five years to address jail overcrowding by building or upgrading facilities.

A new 220-inmate facility featuring a 16-bed work release center was built in Miami County in 2010. The $17 million facility also includes a separate building for the administrative offices of the Miami County Sheriff's Department.

Tipton County hopes to start construction next year on a new 60- to 70-bed jail. Commissioner Joe VanBibber tells the Herald Bulletin ( that officials want the facility to house administrative offices for the Tipton County Sheriff's Department and the Tipton Police Department.

In Howard County, the indoor recreation room inside a jail constructed in 1993 was converted into a 36-bed cell for non-violent offenders in 2013. The former county could be converted into a work release center.