Councilman: “appalled, disgusted” by Trump effigy

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A Fort Wayne City Councilman is speaking out about the effigy of President Donald Trump spotted in a Fort Wayne neighborhood this week.

Fifth District Councilman Geoff Paddack says he’s appalled, disgusted, and angered by the display, which is a large doll dressed like Trump, holding the flag of the former Soviet Union, and hanging from a tree with a noose around its neck at a home on Oakdale Drive.

While the city’s Police Department says the man who put up the display is protected by free speech, Paddock says he wants the city’s legal department and neighborhood code enforcement office to look into the matter, and he’s urging the man to remove it immediately.

Read Paddock’s full statement below:

“As the City Councilman from the Fifth District, I am absolutely appalled, disgusted, and angered by the site of the effigy of President Donald Trump hanging from a tree on Oakdale Drive.”

“This is a shockingly vile act that not only shows disrespect for the President of the United States, it shows a lack of respect for the Office of the President and the history of this great country.”

“Such a disrespectful act is an affront to the beautiful and historic Oakdale Neighborhood as well, and the wonderful people who live there.  This is an act that will not be tolerated by the neighborhood, and it is an act that should not be tolerated by any American.”

“I respectfully request the occupants of this residency to remove the effigy of President Trump immediately.  I also request that the city Legal Department and the city Neighborhood Code Enforcement office look into this matter as well.”


  1. Look, I’m appalled and disgusted too. But like it or not, the whole POINT of the First Amendment is to protect the rights of the individual to speak out against his government without threat of recourse BY that government. Offensive speech HAS to be protected.

    I disagree with this homeowner’s opinion, his message, and his method. But I also defend his absolute right to have that opinion and speak his message with whatever lawful method he has available to him.

  2. Had someone else in the neighborhood hung an “Obama” doll up it would have probably been considered a “Hate” crime and the person labeled a racist. There also would be “protesters” outside their home with others vandalizing and setting fires. Such a double standard.

    • Peanut … there is a double stand because none of trump’s ancestors had to endure lynching of the KKK or had to endure being a slave. There was effigies of “Obama” that were hung by a noose. It was argued that it was freedom of speech but it also was a “hate crime” and those removed, because of the impact it had on other people of color. I am sorry your white privilege is not protected, perhaps you need to join of with the good people of Charleston, who wore khaki pants and carried tiki torches (you know the white supremacist)… thy too where “innocent protectors” who set fires and vandalized, both sides can be destructive.


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