Coroner: manner of death for four children who died in April fire “undetermined”

Photo Supplied / Allen County Coroner's Office

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The Allen County Coroner’s Office says the manner of death for four children who died in an April fire is “undetermined.”

The Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office issued a report that concluded “the evidence gathered as a result of this investigation, the area of fire origin is in or around the area of a recliner. Due to the amount of damage created by the incident, the definitive cause of the fire could not be proven to an acceptable level of certainty.”

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Matthew Damron, 10, Johnnie Mann-Goff, 5, Jefferson Goff, 3, and Rosalynn Goff 2, all of Fort Wayne, died in a mobile home fire in the 4700 block of Grassy Lane back on April 21. All four children died due to smoke inhalation and thermal burns.


  1. Fire undetermined really. How can that be if it was around the chair and in the chair. Four innocent lives gone because why? I still think that’s four adults should have never came out of that trailer without them four children.. I don’t know how any of those adults live with themselves everyday. To hear those babies crying and screaming..


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