Conditions Perfect for Bagworms

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO): Some of the evergreen plants in your yard might look good right now, but what you can't see could end up destroying some of your landscape before the summer is over.

Turns out the conditions are right this year for Bagworms, disgusting little creatures that decimate evergreen scrubs. Therefore, horticulturist Dennis Patton says now is the time to seek and destroy. “Bagworms, depending on where you’re at in the county, are just starting to hatch. The old bags, there are eggs inside some of those, and now little worms, and they’re usually about the size of maybe pencil lead, are now starting to crawl out and attach themselves to various places on the plant and then they’ll start feeding.”       

Each of those bags can hold about a thousand worms so it’s important to scout for them now before they chew your hedges to the ground.