Concord High School’s nativity scene launches another lawsuit

ELKHART, Ind. (WOWO): The controversy over Concord High School's live nativity scene has spun off yet another lawsuit.

This time, it's between the Concord Community Schools and the founder of a Facebook page that was highly critical of the federal lawsuit that was filed against the schools. 

Robyn Chiddister, a former Concord schools employee, has stepped down from her role as an administrator of the website because she is now involved in her own legal battle with the school district over gender discrimination. 

The Elkhart Truth reports Chiddister filed the suit in U.S. District Court, after a complaint several months ago when the district did not hire her as the new transportation director. Her attorney says she was highly qualified for the post, far more than the man who was hired instead. 

New attention has been given to the case because of her connection to the Nativity scene story. 

A jury trial could begin in September and the school district has declined to speak about pending litigation, as a matter of policy.