Compensation Set for Allen Co. Inmates at $360,000

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Allen County is expected to pay about $360,000 to inmates in a federal lawsuit over unlawful detentions at the Allen County Jail.

The Journal Gazette reports a past Allen County sheriff violated the constitutional rights of inmates, without having their cases reviewed by a judge within 48 hours.

In 2010, then-Sheriff Ken Fries added new policies in Allen County, that had judges from Allen Superior and Circuit courts rotate their schedule on Saturdays, to review the cases that were brought in on Friday nights.

Fries admitted that those practices violated the rights of those arrested and detained for more than 48 hours, but there was no final say on what those detainees would be compensated.

Nearly 5 years later, it was decided that Allen County would pay those people between $200 to $1,100 each. After hearing from 15 people who were over-detained, the jury decided Allen County owed the prisoners about $360,000.

30 people have yet to receive their set amount after official documentation went missing.