Communities Reaffirm They’re Welcoming Amid New Indiana Law

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ The New Albany City Council has passed a resolution calling for the repeal of Indiana's new religious objections law.
The New Albany council approved its resolution 8-0 Monday night with one abstention. Even after the Legislature passed a new measure Thursday clarifying the statute, Councilman Bob Caesar said he believes the law “will lead to more and more discrimination in time.'' 
Meanwhile, the Delaware County commissioners and Muncie City Council on Monday unanimously approved separate resolutions affirming they are communities that are welcoming regardless of sexual orientation and gender identification.
West Lafayette's city council also unanimously passed a resolution Monday reaffirming the city's commitment to its human relations ordinances in response to the law, which has raised concerns that it could lead to discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and others.