Coliseum GM apologizes to Komets for retired number mistake

(Fort Wayne Komets)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): It was a moment that took a lot of Fort Wayne Komets fans by surprise, leading to an apology by Memorial Coliseum management.

When officials unveiled the banner for the latest number the team has retired – Colin Chaulk’s #91 – Saturday night, there was an audible gasp from the crowd of 9,500… because the banner had been hung upside down.

It ended up being corrected during the game’s first intermission, but the event embarrassed Komets leadership and Chaulk himself. Now the News-Sentinel reports that Allen County War Memorial Coliseum General Manager Randy Brown has taken responsibility for what happened, on behalf of Coliseum staff.

He calls it an “unfortunate mistake” and denies rumors that the Komets may have done it themselves to embarrass Chaulk, who led the team to multiple championships during his career, saying it was entirely the Coliseum’s fault.

Both the Komets and Coliseum staff have personally apologized to Chaulk, who called the situation “unfortunate.”


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