Coded calls to inmates lead to drug bust

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Calls to inmates at the Allen County jail unwittingly led police to a synthetic marijuana operation.

Citing court documents filed Tuesday, the News-Sentinel reports that four people have been charged and four more are implicated in running a synthetic pot, or “spice,” operation that police busted at three locations on July 6th, using recordings from calls made to inmates already serving time for a 2015 spice bust.

Police determined that code words were being used in the conversations to relay instructions and discuss the operations. For example, when talking about “spice,” the words “French Toast” were used. In one instance, a caller accidentally used the word “lettuce,” then corrected themselves with the proper code word, tipping authorities off in the process.

One of the people arrested allegedly confessed to police that he was going along with it to help pay bills. Read more here.


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