Cockroaches Aren’t Pests, but Pets at Waynedale Elementary

Students at Waynedale Elementary in Fort Wayne got acquainted new “friends” today. (WOWO Photos/Dean Jackson)

FORT WAYNE (WOWO):  Hamsters, gerbils, fish have been frequently part of the classroom.

Now, add cockroaches to the list. Don't worry, these cockroaches are much different. They are Madagascar cockroaches.

Jeff Zolnik with Rose Pest Control in Fort Wayne says “they are harmless. They are not like a German, American or Oriental cockroach. These are not are around dirty conditions.”

The Rose Pest Solutions provides teachers in Michigan, Ohio, and northeast Indiana with live insects, a plastic habitat and care instructions. Rose presented a kit of about a half dozen of the insect to Mrs. Phillips' fourth grade class at Waynedale Elementary. 

Madagascar cockroaches as part of an educational program to teach kids about science and the field of entomology.

Watch the kids enjoying their new “classmates” by clicking here.