Coats: EPA Proposal Will Hurt Indiana, Hike Hoosier Electric Bills

WASHINGTON, DC – (WOWO): Monday afternoon, Senator Dan Coats made the following statement about the recent announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it is proposing new rules on fossil fuel power plants:

“Yet again, President Obama is trying to circumvent Congress to implement policies that the elected representatives of the American people have rejected. The EPA’s proposed rules amount to a backdoor energy tax that will damage Indiana’s economy and hike electric bills for all Hoosiers. To date, the utility industry has spent tens of billions in capital investment for air pollution controls resulting in significant declines in emissions.
 Our state is highly reliant on coal power plants, which provide Hoosiers with good jobs and some of the most affordable, reliable electricity in the nation. By supporting these regulations, the president is putting our economic well-being, grid reliability and American jobs at risk.”