Closing Indiana plant seems left out of Trump’s Carrier deal

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (AP): A 700-worker factory in northeastern Indiana facing closure doesn’t seem part of a deal President-elect Donald Trump struck with its parent company to keep hundreds of jobs at an Indianapolis plant.

The closing of the Huntington factory was announced the same day in February as the shuttering of the 1,400-worker Carrier plant in Indianapolis. Production from both United Technologies-owned plants was to be shifted to Mexico over the next few years.

Huntington factory union local president Bill Davis tells WANE-TV he could tell from the announcement of Trump’s Carrier deal that it was only aimed at the Indianapolis jobs.

Huntington plant worker Mike Harmon says Trump only talked during his campaign about the Indianapolis factory and he feels the Huntington employees were forgotten.


  1. They weren’t forgotten. When they get new jobs, they will help pay tax dollars that went to incentives to keep those Indianapolis jobs.

    • They were forgotten, Indianapolis, a city of 850,000 people, losing a 1000 jobs has far less economic impact than Huntington, a town of 17,000 people, losing 700 jobs. Please stop calling it a deal. It was a $7,000,000 bribe to Carrier from Pence to make Trump look successful at the expense of the Indiana taxpayers, including the 700 folks losing their jobs in Huntington. Trump railed against deals like this during his campaign, but once you win I guess it doesn’t matter what you said on the stump.

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