Claytor: Indiana Tax Climate Burdensome to Individuals

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Mike Claytor is a democrat running for state auditor.  Claytor says Indiana's tax climate isn't as great as some leaders would have you believe.

Claytor made those comments earlier this week in a press conference at Fort Wayne’s Urban League discussing the Earned Income Tax Credit and other tax issues.

He told WOWO News that while the corporate tax environment is excellent, it shifts an undue burden to individuals. He wants more balance.

”You can cut the budget some, but, there’s a base level of service you have to provide. If there’s a cut in the corporate tax, it has to pop up somewhere else. So, that’s popping up on individuals.” 

He says one of those taxes is often overlooked.

“Now taxes have shifted so now 44 percent of our tax burden, state and local, is sales tax.”

He says it’s an intentional push, “It’s an absolute desire by legislative leader taxes to individuals.”

A study released earlier this week from the Tax Foundation, shows Indiana has jumped to 22nd highest taxed state.