City Releases Statement amid FW Professional Firefighters Public Safety Concerns

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOW): In regards to the recent concerns of the Fort Wayne Professional Firefighters, the city released the following statements:

“The City is following state law as it relates to the use of the Local Option Income Tax (LOIT). The LOIT that was passed this summer isn’t just for fire; it’s for all public safety (that includes Police). The LOIT can only be used for public safety purposes as required by law. We are doing exactly that. As it relates to the Fire Department, there is and will continue to be sufficient numbers of firefighters at each station each day to ensure the public is safe.”

Below is also a statement that’ been distributed regarding this issue. 

“We want to assure the public that the City of Fort Wayne is committed to providing excellent public safety services. We know that investing in public safety is critical in our efforts to being a City that values quality of life, strong neighborhoods, and being a vibrant place for business and job growth. Earlier this year, the City Administration, City Council, and business and neighborhood leaders supported a financial plan in order to ensure that the safety of citizens and businesses were not compromised. The result of the plan includes 15 new firefighters. The plan also means the City will continue to provide essential fire services. There will not be any layoffs of public safety workers, and no fire stations will be closed. Firefighters Local 124 opposed the Local Option Income Tax (LOIT), which would have compromised the safety of firefighters, the community, and the delivery of services. Citizens and businesses are safe and should be encouraged about the future of Fort Wayne.”

Fort Wayne Fire Chief Amy Biggs 
Fort Wayne City
Controller Pat Roller