City looking to purchase 220 body cameras

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The City of Fort Wayne is seeking to buy 220 body cameras for the Fort Wayne Police Department.

This would come at a cost of $599,415. Previously, the purchase of 100 body cameras was approved for the 2021 city budget at a cost of $316,560. The city says they could receive a discount on the purchase, with grant funds used to buy the cameras.

The request will come at the city council meeting on Feb. 23, with discussion and preliminary approval possible on March 2. A final vote could come on March 9.

“This is an important next step in our efforts to provide the best public safety services possible,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Open communication, accessibility, community relations, and trust are critical as our officers serve and protect residents and businesses each day.”




  1. Wow. $2,724 dollars per bodycam? Whose palm is getting greased with that deal? PatrolEyes MAX 2k GPS with Auto IR by Galls is only $399 a piece, but no lapel pin. It does record audio and video and audio can be turned off and just record. Someone on council better investigate this grant or whatever before they waste taxpayer money. When accepting grant money a government entity must always allow for best bidding practices and some bidders won’t even get involved because of the red tape and legalese they must traverse through. I know…because I used to work in Government as a bureaucrat. Yeah…just private buy these…on sale for like $349 right now and can get lapel piece separate with the savings. I think these are 32 GB though…not 64. So there IS that.

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