City Councilman accuses Mayor of rewarding donations with City contracts

(Photo Supplied/Downtown Fort Wayne)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A Fort Wayne City Councilman is accusing Mayor Tom Henry of participating in what he calls “Chicago-Style” politics.

4th District Councilman Jason Arp says a Chicago Tribune investigation that found that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s re-election bid is largely funded by city vendors caught his attention, and made him think about Mayor Tom Henry’s own campaign finances:

“And lo and behold, if you look at the campaign finance filings, vendors, architects, engineers, and attorneys are getting large contracts after making substantial contributions to the Mayor’s campaign.”

Arp says he’s submitted an ordinance that would prevent the city from contracting with vendors who make big campaign donations, saying he wants to keep the mayor from using the city’s operations as a means for fundraising.

City Spokesman John Perlich provided the following response: “The City of Fort Wayne follows all policies, procedures and rules as it relates to awarding contracts.”

“As Mayor Henry and his staff meet with residents and business owners on a regular basis, we hear from the public that they are most interested in public safety, neighborhood infrastructure improvements and investments in our Parks system, not criticisms about how city contracts are awarded.”


  1. This is an over reaction and not necessary. It is also unconstitutional (denying someone “free speech” in order for them to be eligible for a job). BTW – I am a Republican and Tom Henry is NOT my preference for mayor. But, you actually have to have proof of wrong doing before you punish somebody for perceived wrong doing. You are making us look bad!

  2. If there is no wrong to the “accusation” bring it to the light,,,,, Put it out on the table and if the voters like what they see they will continue to put the same people in. If the people have issue with what is being done then they will change who represents them. I do not understand if there is no wrong being done, what the issue is. Seems Mayor Henry should be proud to show his integrity in his dealings.

    Moral to the story, #”We all give an account in the end.”


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