City Council President Jason Arp writes letter to Mayor Henry requesting arrest video and info

Photo Supplied/City of Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – City Council President Jason Arp has shared a letter sent to Mayor Tom Henry requesting video footage and information from Henry’s OWI arrest.

Dear Mr. Mayor,

On behalf of the citizens of Fort Wayne, I am requesting the video footage from the police interaction with yourself on the evening of October 8th. Specifically, the video from the bodycams of each of the officers, the dashcams and the backseat camera in the vehicle that was used to transport from the scene. Additionally, I am requesting the unredacted police reports be made available to council with any associated change logs.
These data items are necessary for council to conclude its inquiry. I would like to thank you for your continued cooperation.


Jason Arp
Fort Wayne City Council, President

Henry was sentenced Thursday for his October 10 arrest.


  1. That video has got to be good…can you image?? “Let me go or you will be fired by Monday!!” LOL

    Besides…the video is no longer “Investigative materials” since he has been sentenced….


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