Change of venue sought by man charged with murder in highway crash death of Indiana trooper

Photo Supplied - Associated Press

AUBURN, Ind. (AP) — The attorney for a man charged with murder for allegedly driving his car over an Indiana state trooper in northeastern Indiana filed for a change of venue in the case Wednesday.

Attorney Kevin Likes, who represents Terry Sands II of Marion, said he’s seeking the change of venue in DeKalb Superior Court because of pretrial publicity and because the dead officer, Master Trooper James Bailey, 50, of Auburn, was well-known in the community.

It wasn’t clear whether the state will oppose the request or when the judge will rule on it.

Bailey was assisting other troopers on Interstate 69 with a traffic backup as a result of weather-related vehicle crashes near the 326-mile marker south of Auburn on March 3. He became aware of an individual driving at a high rate of speed evading an officer from the Fort Wayne Police Department on I-69 approaching him.

He attempted to de-escalate that vehicle pursuit by deploying stop sticks. Police said videos and witnesses show and describe Sands as driving into the median on I-69 and striking Bailey.

Sands also faces two counts of resisting law enforcement and one count of operating with a controlled substance resulting in death.

DeKalb County Prosecutor Neal Blythe is seeking life imprisonment without parole for Sands.


  1. I hope Terry Sands (the 2nd) is denied his request to change venues.
    How does he have any rights, to “make the calls”, when he seems to be incapable of making any “good” decisions, in the first place??

    Just to recap, in case i am missing something:
    Mr. Terry set out to go to Michigan, for more marijuana, having just smoked everything he had. As he was driving at speeds higher than the posted limit, or at the very least, in excess of the poor weather conditions, he drew the attention of law enforcement.
    While being followed and directed to pull his vehicle over, by an officer of the Fort Wayne Police Department, he instead decided to disregard the officer, increasing his speed. By doing so, the pursuit continued and Terry’s driving became erratic and at times uncontrolled.
    When approaching a slowing of backed-up traffic, due to inclement weather conditions, an Indiana Trooper sought to deescalate the situation he’d become aware of. James Bailey was struck and killed by the carelessness of Terry Sands (the 2nd), as Terry placed a multitude of peoples lives in danger… all because he wanted to obtain more pot.

    I see 7 reEEAAally BIG issues with Terry’s life-choices, just there, on March 3rd. I think it best that the people up in Dekalb help Mr. Sands (the 2nd) make better choices, during his obvious bouts of stupidity.


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