Cedar Point Announces New Roller Coaster for 2016 Season

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) _ A new roller coaster will be introduced next year at Cedar Point amusement park in northwest Ohio. 
The amusement park announced Wednesday that the Valravn dive roller coaster will debut in May 2016. It will be over 3,400 feet long and include a drop of over 200 feet.
A dive roller coaster is one that includes a free-fall 90-degree drop. Park officials say the coaster will travel at a top speed of 75 mph. 
The park says the coaster is named for mythical Danish ravens that consumed the bodies of the dead on a battlefield and gained supernatural powers.  
Cedar Fair, based in Sandusky, owns and operates Cedar Point and 10 other amusement parks, three outdoor water parks, an indoor water park, and five hotels.