Carrier closure being blamed by Sen. Donnelly on cheap labor chase

(Photo Supplied/ Carrier)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): One of Indiana’s top political leaders says he believes a company is chasing lower labor costs in deciding to shut down a 1,400-worker factory in Indianapolis and move production to Mexico.

Democratic U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly says Carrier Corp. executives couldn’t specify any federal regulations prompting last week’s announcement that company would close the heating, ventilating and air conditioning factory over the next three years.

Carrier Corp. and Republican Gov. Mike Pence both cited federal regulations as contributing to the decision. A Carrier spokeswoman didn’t immediately return a message Monday seeking comment.

Donnelly says Carrier is trying to sell its products to Americans but is unwilling to pay Indiana workers.

The owner of 911 Heating and Cooling in Anderson says he’s stopped selling Carrier products to protest the company’s decision.

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  1. Carrier is part of UTC which has huge government contracts for most of our government agencies including the military. So we pay taxes and our goverment allows our money to pay for labor in Mexico so this company can make a bigger profit. Where are the other federal representatives of the people of our state; Dan Coats and our local congressmen in the affected areas. Do your job and stick up for the people you represent.


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