California Drought Being Felt in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): Indiana consumers are feeling the pinch from the California drought. 

Purdue University and the USDA report that while the drought hasn't caused any major impact, food prices are going up. 

California produces 64% of the nation‘s fruits and nuts, 22% of vegetables and has about 20% of the nation‘s dairy cows. They expect food and vegetable prices to rise 2.5% this year from 1.5% last year due to drought fall out. 

Dairy product prices are also expected to rise 2.5% this year. Overall food prices are expected to rise by the same amount. That‘s up slightly from last year. 

Food inflation is running slightly ahead of the overall inflation rate. Purdue experts say if California is down on fruits, vegetables and nuts, imports can make up the difference for the time being.