“Build Back Better” Will Hurt Rural America

The American Farm Bureau Federation sent a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives stating its opposition to the Build Back Better Act. AFBF President Zippy Duvall says the Act, also known as the reconciliation package, contains some elements that would benefit agriculture. “However, the massive amount of spending and tax increases required to pay for the plan outweigh the gains we would see in rural America,” Duvall says in the letter. “We appreciate efforts in the House to protect farmers and ranchers by leaving key tax provisions untouched. Thousands of small businesses would still be affected by tax increases, forcing them to pass increased costs to families across the nation.” He also says the economy is still recovering from COVID-19, supply chains are stressed, and inflation is putting pressure on American pocketbooks. “Now is not the time to put more burdens on American families struggling to make ends meet,” he says.


  1. As always with Democrat policy, “Build Back Better” has a result that is opposite to the name.

    This is nothing more than a Nazi policy designed to crush the USA while benefitting other Countries, as with EVERY decision made by the federal government since January 20th.

    They dont care about you and they never will. Better wake up soon and vote out ALL Democrats and “republicans” like governor Holcomb otherwise this Country will soon be like China where most all of us will be slaves to the government.

  2. Well yeah. That’s the idea.
    Everyone needs to realize you are only free on paper. So let’s use that to take our power back before it’s too late.


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