Buck Sexton joins WOWO’s lineup

Photo Supplied - WOWO 1190AM/107.5FM

Buck Sexton, host of The Buck Sexton Show, has joined WOWO’s weeknight lineup.

Buck’s program can be heard Monday through Friday, 9 p.m. – 12 a.m., on WOWO 1190AM/107.5FM.

Many listeners may recognize Sexton from his time serving as a Fox News political commentator, a contributor to CNN and for his time spent as the host of The Buck Sexton Show formerly known as Buck Sexton with America Now. He has also served as a guest host on the three largest nationwide conservative radio talk shows, The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Sean Hannity Show and The Glenn Beck Program.

Prior to joining Premiere Networks, the former intelligence officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, hosted a weekday radio show on TheBlaze Radio Network.

Sexton’s program comes to WOWO just a few weeks before his visit to Fort Wayne as a special guest speaker for WOWO’s first ever Talk Tank event.

Listeners can expect Sexton to bring a new energy to the airwaves as he discusses the important news, information and events that matter most in the daily lives of Americans.  From business and politics, to entertainment and social issues, he shares his razor sharp, passionate takes on the latest local, national and global headlines, and he welcomes a variety of key guests and experts.

From on-air to online, Sexton connects and engages with his audience 24/7, continuing the national dialogue with fans via social media – Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. Sexton’s unique perspective and experience in politics adds a fresh and powerful voice to share on WOWO’s airwaves.

Click here to check out WOWO’s full weekday lineup.


  1. Not a peep from wowo on why you dropped mark levin? REALLY? At least you gave a reason on why you canned Pat White years ago. starting today I am listening to Mark on news talk 1290 am wichita falls via on-line streaming, broadcasting starting at 7pm. local time. thank you .

  2. You dropped one of the greatest, if not the greatest conservative writer, commentator, and philosopher of our time for Buck Sexton?

  3. So happy wowo drop Levin! His voice was like nails on a chalk board. Now I actually have someone I can listen to on my way home from work. Thank you wowo


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