Buck Sexton is joining WOWO!

Buck photo 2


  1. Hope your not getting rid of the Mark Levin Show. Mark Levin Rocks! Heard him interview Fort Wayne’s David Long twice on his radio show.

  2. I hope that WOWO Radio continues to carry the Mark Levin Show! He has many faithful, longterm fans who have listened to him on 1190 for many, many years. I sincerely believe that Mark Levin is the most knowledgeable, well-informed conservative talk radio host in the nation. Others are entertaining and/or interesting. However, Mark educates his listeners with well-researched information. We WANT Mark!

  3. What happened to Mark Levin? Why did WOWO take Mark Levin off the air? There are many Mark Levin fans in the WOWO area who regularly listened to Mark. WOWO will lose fans due to cancellation of the Mark Levin Show. Not a smart move managers!

  4. Buck Sexton.Whoohoo! Finally someone who talk sense about the current issues and not himself. Treats callers with respect for a change. Great move WOWO. I listen to you late nite now and don’t change the station. Thumbs up! :- )

    • In the year-and-a-half since making this change, our ratings for that timeslot are actually considerably higher. Thank you for your feedback, however!


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