Braun: COVID relief bill must stick to COVID issues

(Caleb Hatch/WOWO News)

WASHINGTON (Network Indiana): Will we see a new coronavirus relief bill before the end of the year?

Indiana US Senator Mike Braun says it’s possible, but only if lawmakers stick to discussing relief money directly related to COVID-19.

“A lot of the economy is back on its feet. But, there are certain sectors and small businesses and their employees that still need targeted help,” he said. “In Indiana particularly you’ve got sports and entertainment venues, downtown hotels, airlines across the country, restaurants that haven’t been able to adapt to the spacing and takeout form.”

Braun said the new bill could also cover companies related to those businesses, which are also suffering.

Of the several proposals being looked at by Congress, one bipartisan effort that stands out would cost about $1 trillion. But, he has a problem with the proposal.

“It’s got help for state and local governments, which is a difficult topic because it rewards some of the bad management in places that need it the most.”

He said any bill that has a chance will be one that remains pure to helping people recover from the economic problems caused by coronavirus and lockdowns.

“If you start to bring in anything extraneous to COVID and the businesses and employees impacted by it, I think you start to take away the chances of it happening.”



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