Brand new Allen County Park thanks to donation from Allen County Police Reserves

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Allen County now has a brand new park, the fifth in the system, after the Allen County Police Reserves donated their training center and grounds to become the 5th county park.

The ground was originally donated by a former Reserve Officer, and was eventually developed into a 12,700 square foot training center that served also as a reception hall along with several wooded acres.

At one time, the Police Reserve had a force of more than 100 officers, a number that has declined in recent years. As a result, it was no longer practical to keep the training center, and board members began their search for the next owner of the property.

Feeling that it would be inappropriate to sell it to a private entity, the Reserve Board voted instead to transfer ownership to the Allen County Park Department.

Park Department officials say they were ecstatic over the donation, and stressed that it will continue to be an event space and venue with added amenities as time goes on. The new park will be named “Allen County Reserve Park” to preserve the legacy of the organization.


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