BP Releases List Of Stations That Got Bad Gas

(Indiana’s NewsCenter) – BP Global has released the list of service stations that sold the contaminated gasoline that left thousands of motorist with hefty auto-repair bills.

BP posted a searchable database on its website, which will allow motorists the ability to look up and see if the station the purchased fuel at was part of the gasoline recall. However some motorists will need to know the exact location of the station they used.

Officials say that by now motorists with misformulated gasoline from BP’s Whiting refinery probably already know it because their vehicles will have acted up — starting hard, stalling, rough idling.

The formulation mishap has led to about 8,600 claims from motorists each trying to recoup hundreds of dollars from BP that they spent for car repairs, BP said. Typical repair bills for draining the fuel tank and cleaning the fuel system are $300 to $1,200. BP said phone calls to its claims center are “trending lower” than last week.
The company last week recalled 4.7 million gallons of gasoline from the refinery. The bad gas affected service stations in three states, including the Chicago region of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.
Gasoline now being shipped from the Whiting refinery has been tested and meets quality standards, BP said.

The company now has 159 call center operators and 140 claims adjusters in place.

Consumers who bought the bad gas and need to file a claim can call 800-599-9040 or submit an online inquiry at