Boyfriend charged over toddler’s injuries

(Supplied/Allen County Jail)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A man is facing charges of battery and neglect after his girlfriend’s 17-month-old son ended up in the hospital.

24-year-old Camilo Hernandez was charged this week, according to the Journal Gazette, over an incident that happened the night of February 18th.

The child’s mother, who lives in Fort Wayne, came home from work to find him with purple lips and bruises on his chest and abdomen. He ended up having to be rushed to surgery for internal bleeding.

Five other kids were also in the home but there were no reports of further injuries. Hernandez told police he didn’t know how the boy’s injuries happened.

He’s in the Allen County Jail and is also being detained on a hold for federal immigration enforcement.



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  2. We always get the best and brightest from south of the border, don’t we? Thanks Biden! Your open border policies are going to work out great. Idiot.


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