Board Spares 2 Wolf-Dog Hybrids That Killed Neighbor’s Dog

MUNCIE, (AP) – A central Indiana animal control board has spared two wolf-dog hybrids that killed a neighbors' dog, but ordered their owner to prevent them from ever escaping again.

The Muncie-Delaware County animal control board decided Tuesday not to euthanize the two hybrids. However, the panel voted unanimously to require Stan Stephens to greatly improve the fences that enclose his nine dogs, many of which have wolf genetics.

The Star Press reports ( ) Stephens must also use electrified fencing and barb wire, and outfit his dogs with muzzles and three-foot leashes when they're outside their enclosures.

Ashley Reed's pet dog was killed by two of Stephens' wolf-dogs. Reed said after the meeting that she feels like justice has been done. She said she wasn't out to have the two hybrids killed.