BMV Audit Underway

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): It‘ll be a two-year process to streamline a complex roster of motor-vehicle fees that Governor Pence has blamed for repeated B-M-V overcharges.

House Roads and Transportation Chairman Ed Soliday says there are more than 12-hundred motor-vehicle fees, many of which are either obsolete or redundant. But he says determining which and how many is too big a job to finish in this session. He says staffers will construct a mammoth spreadsheet to cross-check each of those fees with where they appear in the Indiana Code. And Soliday notes an outside audit of the B-M-V won‘t conclude until May, after the legislature has adjourned.

Soliday will advance a bill this week to make sure state law is consistent in how it refers to certain fees or services — getting a new license when your old one hasn‘t expired, for instance, is sometimes listed as a “duplicate” and sometimes as a “replacement.”

The bill will also call for annual audits of the B-M-V. B-M-V overcharges totaling more than 60-million dollars have come to light over the last year-and-a-half in three separate incidents, and Pence has warned additional errors are likely to surface as the audit winds down.